Franklin Area School District




     The Franklin Area School District computer network will provide students and staff with access to educational resources throughout the world through connection to local area networks within the school and access to the Internet.  The district recognizes that access to electronic communications and information resources is an important tool for success, and it is the District’s goal to facilitate communication, access to information, and resource sharing among students, faculty, administrators, and the community.  It is expected that access to electronic technology through the Franklin Computer Network will be used to enhance curriculum, facilitate collaborative group projects and research by staff and students, and improve communications within the district.

     However, the Franklin Computer Network has been established for a limited educational purpose.  The use of our network should be limited to activities that are consistent with the goals of the Franklin Area School District and should not be considered a public access service.  Examples of an “educational purpose” include classroom activities, research, career planning and development, curriculum development, staff development activities, and high quality self discovery.  Furthermore, it is the goal of Franklin Area School District that all of our users acquire the self-discipline required to use electronic networks appropriately.  We hope to achieve this goal through appropriate mentoring of students and enforcement of this policy. 
     The district Acceptable Use of Technology Policy was initially reviewed by the technology committee and approved by the school board in 1997.  The policy was updated in 2003 to meet the requirements of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and funding guidelines established by the federal eRate program.  Inquiries about our policy can be directed to:
                                                       Scott Armburger
                                                       Technology Coordinator
                                                       PH:  814--432-2483