Franklin Area School District

The Internet can be a wonderful educational tool.  There are libraries, museums, historical documents, science simulations, and much, much more.  However, the Internet also has a darker side.  Because of the anonymity afforded users of the Internet, a potential stalker or sexual offender can pretend to be anyone .... male or female, age 6 or 60 ... and who is to know the difference?  It is very important that parents monitor the activities of younger children while on the internet.  Teens and young adults must fully understand the potential dangers of interacting with people online.
There are many good resources on the Internet for both parents and students.  I've collected a few excellent resources below to get you started.  You will find others as you explore this topic further.
This site has tips for kids, teens, and parents.  Safety guidelines are organized by age group.  Discusses types on online risks.
This site focuses on protecting kids from sexual predators and pornography.  There are rules and tools for parents.  Extensive links to resources for parents, teachers, and students.
Several states have partnered together to roll out Net Smartz state-wide in schools.  This is an interactive resource that teaches kids and teens how to stay safer online.
This illustrated guide is to help parent's track their child's activities on the Internet.  Shows various areas of Internet Explorer to examine and what to look for including monitoring the address bar and examining the history and temporary files in Internet Explorer.  Similar areas can be found in Netscape.  The guide also discusses the difference between chat rooms and buddy lists, pop-ups, and innocent ways that children might access inappropriate sites.
This is the National Alert Registry of Sexual Offenders.  It provides information on convicted sexual offenders who may be living near you.  Their free service will tell you the number of sexual offenders in your immediate area (by zip code).  For a small fee, detailed information is available including a picture and address.  The system will also send you an alert if a new offender is registered in your area.