Sandycreek Elementary School


Headlines and Features

Welcome to
Sandycreek Elementary School
"Advancing every child, every day!"

Sandycreek Tech Club has diligently worked to create
videos highlighting just what happens at Sandycreek Elementary.
We hope you enjoy our artistic interpretations!
 Tech Club presents...A Scratch animation!
Using coding to bring characters to life, students created
 an animated short to explain where Rocket Math can really take you!
 Tech Club Presents.... The Spooky Side of Sandycreek!
Watch and observe the spooky things happening at our school
....if you dare!
Tech Club presents... Super Spectacular Sandycreek!  
Our final interpretation highlights all of the
amazing things actually occuring here at
Sandycreek Elementary. Enjoy!
297 Pone Lane     Franklin, PA 16323      814-432-3819